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The Future of the Film Industry

So I’ve had these wacky theories about where the Film and Television industry is going, and I was talking with a friend about this topic and he had some of the same wacky theories.  That made me realize that I should put my predictions in writing; in fact, I should have done this 4 years ago.

1) TV and the Internet will become one thing.  The better the compression, and the faster the connection speed, soon in place of going to ABC’s (for example) TV channel, you’ll just go to their website.  Software like Windows Media Center and others are already conditioning people to watch TV and Movies on their computer.  It’s possible to connect your computer to your TV and watch sitting on your couch just like normal.  This isn’t really a new thing; ever since DVD’s came out people have been warming up to the idea of watching Movies on the computer.

2) Movies will go the way of Theatre.   The film industry makes less money every, but films cost more to make every year.  Directors, writers, actors, everyone wants to make more and more and more, but again, the profit seems to be shrinking.  I think that the Internet is what is stealing the audience, and I think it’s the future.  As a result, movies will turn into special occasions – much like the Theatre has.  Frankly, I’ve noticed myself going to less and less movies every year, and when I do it’s more about the experience of “going to the movies” than it is about the film itself.

3) Independent filmmakers will rise.  We are in an age of FREE international distribution (the Internet) and the cost of filmmaking for independents coming down significantly.  Affordable software and new equipment like the “Red” are making it more possible for folks with not much money to tell incredible stories.

4) Lots of people… perhaps everyone will have a TV show (on their website).  Not long ago some folks predicted that everyone would have their own personal webpages and many people laughed at that – wondering what the point would be.  But here you are reading one of my web pages – my blog.  Not to mention myspace, facebook, youtube – the list goes on and on.  This is very near, I think.  Look at myspace TV.

5) Hollywood will “go big.”  With the rise of independent films with solid characters, unique ideas, and good stories, Hollywood will retaliate with the biggest budget stuff they can muster.  Expensive copyrights (more remakes), enormous special effects, and expensive celebrities.  Celebrities include directors, actors… really anyone Hollywood has conditioned us to want to spend money to see.

6) One of two things will happen to the independents.  They will be bought up by Hollywood, and seduced to transform into a “Hollywood Celebrity” like I mentioned a while ago.  The other possibility, is that the independents could succeed.

Anyway, I’m sure these ideas are not that new anymore.  I’ve been spouting this propaganda for about 4 years now and I wanted to finally get it in writing.



Daylight Savings – Stop the Madness

Daylight Savings is stupid.  It’s allegedly around because a guy by the name of William Willett wanted to ride his horse in the morning and play golf at night (read details here).  Here’s an idea, William Willett, wake up with the sun regardless of what time it is and ride your horse.  Fine.  If you want to play golf around sunset, start your game accordingly.

Below are some words of support for Daylight Savings, and my responses to each.  Now let’s take these one by one.

1)    Adding daylight to afternoons generally benefits retailing, sports, and other activities that exploit sunlight after working hours.

D1)   Don’t retailers want to make money year round?  Why choose half of the year to keep the sun out longer?  Don’t athletes want to be active all year, or do they just have enough energy for half of the year?

2)    It can cause problems for farmers and others whose hours depend on the sun.

D2)   What?  Farmers should just wake up whenever they have to – who cares what time it is.  Some people have to be at work at 10:00am, some at 7:00am, etc.  None of us change other people’s universe to appease when we need to be at work, farmers should be no different.

3)    Extra afternoon daylight appears to cut traffic fatalities. 

3D)   Let me get this straight, we only want to protect people from fatalities half the year?  What… is winter our “survival of the fittest” season?

4)    An early goal was to reduce evening usage of incandescent lighting, formerly a primary use of electricity.

4D)   Again, why do we want to save electricity only half the year?

Here’s what I suggest we do. Survey America and find out when most people get up for work. Say we discover that most Americans get up at 6:30am.  Let’s set sunrise at approximately 6:30 so as to not waste daylight.  Let’s do this year round!  Where am I going wrong here?


My First Film: Bats

By the time I hit elementary school, I knew I wanted to make movies. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school I tried as best as I could to persuade my teachers to allow me to do a research ‘film’ in place of a research paper. Frequently, they would allow this.

One of my very first videos was a report I did on Vampire Bats in the 4th grade. It is posted below.

Vampire Bat Report (Early 90s)
See it and many more on