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Our “interactive short film” is now posted!

A few months ago, I mentioned my most recent project “Fate” which is an interactive short film. I’m excited to announce that “Fate” is now live at If you have trouble with that version of the site for some reason, there is another version of the same short posted from

Here’s how it works.
The video will play and at the end of the clip you’ll be presented with a few options.  Just below the video window, there will be letters corresponding to the choices in the video.  Just click on A), B), or C) depending on what choice you’d like to make.




David May’s Virtual Christmas Card

Family and Friends,


A few years ago (when I became an adult… at least legaly) I decided it was time to start writing my own Christmas letters. Now, this is going to be a gradual build up to actually sending letters in the mail to my friends and family; right now I’m only up to the “virtual Christmas Card” level. None the less, it will address what Christmas Cards are supposed to address, at least in my eyes.

1) Are you alive? If so, what are you doing?

2) Are you skinny or big? Married or single?

3) What else has changed since last Christmas that I should know about?

And the most important:
4) Merry Christmas.

Here are the answers:

1) Yes, I’m alive. I’m still working at Chapman and going through the graduate film program to receive a Masters in Film Studies. In addition, I’m trying to stay involved in various film projects, and working with Josh Snyder to develop various feature length scripts that hopefully we can get a production company to pay for. Our filmmaking troop is recently talking about trying to raise money and produce a feature this upcoming summer independently, but I’m still hoping we can sell an idea to a production company. I’m also helping some of our guys with their webesodes on I’ve been uploading some stuff from my past to that website too. Here are the Holiday specific ones:

Twas the Night before Christmas
Santa Pranks
Santa Pranks 2

2) Yes.

3) What has changed since last year? Well… I was 23 last year but now I’m 24… other than that… I’m not sure. I guess I was on TV; CLICK HERE if you missed it.

4) And definitely, Merry Christmas.

-David May

Ian Reitz moves to ABC in Tuscon

I just want to give a shout out to my reporter friend, Ian Reitz, who will most certantly one day become the greatest news guy who ever lived. You heard it here first.

Ian, you’re the man.  Tuscon, your ABC affiliate just got better.