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One of the funniest things I have seen in a while

Weiner Poopie!



Who do you think I look like?

Who do I look more like… Donny Osmond, Fred Savage, Jud Law, or Ryan Seacrest?

(this is me)

David May

(Donny Osmond)

Donny Osmond

(Ryan Seacrest)

Ryan Seacrest

(Fred Savage)

Fred Savage

(Jude Law)

Jude Law

These are the most common folks people tell me I resemble.


My First Blog… ever.

Dear reader,

Have you ever played Halo before? I have tried once and I played with some very experienced people. At the end of the game I was incredibly humiliated about my performance – so much that I never wanted to play again… and I have not. I’m bringing this up because frankly it’s how I feel about this blog. I know it sounds stupid, but there are so many folks out there that have been doing it so long I’m worried that my blog will just really stink, and I’ll never want to do it again. None the less, here it goes; and welcome to my first blog ever.

This first blog will just be an introduction. My name is David May. I am 24 years old and currently work as an Admission Counselor for a Private School on the west coast. I also believe very much in brevity.

There. That was easier than I thought.

-David May