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Common/Universial College Applications

The University that I work at is switching to the Common Application this year and overall I feel pretty good about that.

I am in the Las Vegas airport coming home from the WACAC conference right now and one of the sessions I went to was about the Universal Application which is similar to the Common Application in that it is an application that students can fill out once and submit to many schools. It is possible for a College or University to use only one of these applications making them an “exclusive member” of that particular application group, or it’s possible for a College or University to use these applications (both in some cases) as well as their own applications providing students many different ways to apply.

As someone who reads applications for a University, I think it’s interesting to watch the evolution of applying to colleges. Back in the day, the students would have to fill out a number of different applications and the College/University would only have to read an application in the form they were use to. We seem to be moving in a direction where the students have to fill out only one application and the Admission Counselors at the College/University are going to be expected to read various types of applications; familiarizing themselves with multiple formats which will (even just a little) slow down the reading process.

I don’t have any serious issues with the world moving in this direction. I do think it should be as easy as possible for folks to apply to college, and I don’t mind if that means I have to read various types of applications but it is interesting to watch that transition.